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Splicing and Dicing DNA: Genome Engineering and the CRISPR Revolution

CRISPR: It’s the powerful gene editing technology transforming biomedical research. Fast, cheap and easy to use, it allows scientists to rewrite the DNA in just about any organism—including humans—with tests on human embryos already underway. The technique’s potential to radically reshape everything from disease prevention to the future of human evolution has driven explosive progress and heated debate. Join the world’s CRISPR pioneers to learn about the enormous possibilities and ethical challenges as we stand on the threshold of a brave new world of manipulating life’s fundamental code.

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Original Program Date: June 3 2016
MODERATOR: Richard Besser
PARTICIPANTS: George Church, Luke Dow, Josephine Johnston, Ben Matthews, Harry Ostrer, Noel Sauer

What is CRISPR? 00:05

Introduction by Richard Besser 3:58

Participant Introductions. 5:02

What is so powerful about CRISPR? 7:25

How is CRISPR is used? 13:00

How will CRISPR help eliminate Zika Virus? 20:45

Modifying 60 genes at once in a pig. 26:02

What are potential agricultural advantages from CRISPR? 28:44

If you have eaten CRISPR cells? 35:00

Using a gene drives to eliminate virus? 37:40

Creating an off switch for CRISPR 40:27

How is it ethical to not rid the world of malaria? 42:55

What is the difference between editing a germ line and editing a cancer cell? 48:27

Why would the first CRISPR baby create backlash? 58:48

How do we regular CRISPR used in military applications? 1:06:33

What is the regulation to be expected from CRISPR? 1:13:09

What does a CRISPR-ised world look like? 1:16:00

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