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Super Bacteria Has a New Enemy: The CRISPR Pill

Scientists are developing a CRISPR pill that can fight superbugs. Can we modify bacteria’s DNA to make it self destruct?

What is CRISPR & How Could It Edit Your DNA? –
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Edible CRISPR Could Replace Antibiotics
“CRISPR is the powerful gene-editing technology already being explored as a way to precisely edit human genes to cure diseases. But the technology’s versatility is such that it’s being studied for a huge range of other uses.”

The Trail of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Leads Back to the First Land Animals
“One of today’s biggest biohazards may have its roots in the days before the dinosaurs, when animals first started crawling onto land.”

Italian Soil Yields a New Antibiotic That Can Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria
“Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are one of the biggest public health menaces right now, infecting at least 2 million Americans each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

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