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CRISPR and #ScienceGoals!

Today we explore CRISPR! What is it, how do scientists use it, and what does a CRISPR experiment look like in the lab?

Huge thank you to the Google Making & Science team and their #ScienceGoals campaign for making this video possible! None of this would have happened without their support! Also huge thank yous to the Stanford at the Tech program for sharing their yeast with me!

Animation Studio: Zedem Media –
Directed by: Michael Kalopedis

Interview Videography:
Elliott Morin

Narration Setup for CRISPR Animation:
Neil Hodge

Script Edits:
Rob Pilkington

Trying to document grad school one YouTube video at a time, from lab equipment to genetics lessons to interviews with other students! Each week is a new view into life as a grad student, and the rollercoaster that is getting a PhD.

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Pamgaea and Kawai Kitsune by Kevin MacLeod (
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