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CRISPR-Cas9 editing made easy

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CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing

Simple genome editing starts here.

Discover the only complete genome editing solution designed to expedite your research. Our easy-to-use, optimized, and validated solutions span the entire cell engineering workflow, making genome editing accessible to anyone at any level. We’re continually expanding our suite of genome editing products to span the entire cell engineering workflow, from reagents for cell culture, transfection, and sample preparation to kits for genome modification and detection and analysis of known genetic variants.

We offer our state-of-the-art online Invitrogen™ CRISPR Search and Design Tool along with Invitrogen™ CRISPR-Cas9 editing products in four formats: an all-in-one expression vector, Cas9 mRNA, Cas9 protein, and CRISPR library services. These gene editing solutions are paired with optimal cell culture reagents, delivery methods, and analysis tools, based on your application and cell type.

Editing the blueprints of life can seem like a complicated and daunting task.

But we understand that your research will help improve our world.

That’s why we created the CRISPR Cas9 genome editing tool set.

Our comprehensive suite of tools allow you to quickly and easily engineer your own specific cell lines of interest for use in your research.

It couldn’t be easier.

Our CRISPR Search and Design tool accurately identifies the genomic location that you wish to edit…

And recommends which pair of molecular scissors, in the form of guide RNA and Cas9 would precisely and successfully edit your gene of interest.

Next, our seamless Delivery Mechanism ensures the Guide RNA and cas9 nuclease successfully reaches and modifies your DNA sequence.

What’s more … keep track and clearly identify the cells you have targeted by using our Genomic Cleavage Selection Kit. And measure editing efficiencies using our Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit.

And because we understand that all research is different … we are constantly expanding our suite of genome editing tools to help further your research.

Suddenly… it doesn’t sound so complicated or daunting.

Carry out your gene editing research with accuracy, ease and efficiency.

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