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Genetically Modified Humans? CRISPR/Cas 9 Explained

This week Reactions dives into your DNA with the science and chemistry behind CRISPR/Cas 9. Fans of Blade Runner have already caught a glimpse of world with super-powered humans secretly living among us, capable of physical feats far beyond your everyday person. But now, with the the CRISPR/CAS9 Gene editing system, are we looking at a future with real replicants? Check out this video to get an inside look at how CRISPR works, and the sorts of wild medical advances that are on the horizon.

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Producer: Kirk Zamieroski

Writers: Megan Cartwright & Kirk Zamieroski

Executive Producer:
Adam Dylewski

Scientific consultants:
Chase Biesel, Ph.D
Martin Jinek, Ph.D.
Kyle Nackers

Roberto Daglio – Mr. Fantastic
Sam Leopard – Back for More


Video interviews with Jennifer Doudna:

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