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Crispr Cas-9

The Development of the CRISPR Method is in my Opinion the greatest scientific advance in the last fifty Years. Two Women (Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna – hope they like their vocals 🙂 were mainly involved in the development, this explains why the method is not only effiient but also smart.
The impact on society will be felt soon in many areas of life, not only in food or medicine.

I believe it is important that everyone deals with this Topic. Or, in other Words, small cute Dinosaurs as pets – why not but I don’t like to be surrounded by Billions of Barbies and Kens when I’m old…

Thanks to the Museum of Modern Art in Prague for allowing me to film there. Some of the Babies and the Laboratory equipment is from an very impressive Exibition there…

More info about Crispr Cas-9:

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