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Eric Pepin on CRISPR, Transhumanism and The Next Big Technology Boom: Part 2

Transhumanism 2016 -DNA augmentation is upon mankind

Have restrictions on Stem cell research left the united states behind in the race for evolving nations?

“Pay Attention” – EJP

Navigators, this eventually will affect you and your training. if you do not know what transhumanism is, or CRISPR, I recommend that you follow it closely and I will engage indepthly upon it during closed sessions in detail. There are already people who are looking to relocate to china to access augmentation as soon as possible. Things are about to get very interesting…

Transhumanists Will Use CRISPR on Themselves

Part 1

Articles referenced in the video:

A new edition of CRISPR promises to make gene therapy ready for human applications

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