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Get some CRISPR Bacon? – This Week in Science (TWIS) – Episode 545

Make time for SCIENCE News! 
What happened in science this week?
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Dr. Kiki, Justin, and Blair explore the world of science news with a few of the week’s popular stories: 

Bumps At The LHC – data hints at a new unexpected particle!
Pew, Pew, Pew! – Poll results on who likes science online
Face Mite Genetics – You have face mites, and they stick around
Stickleback Science – Rapid evolution in tiny fish hints at genetic processes
Hot Penguins – Their huddle gets heated
Handy Parrots – Tool use in parrots!
Baby Tigers!, – In the wild!
Bacon Is Better? – We question study results
CRISPR Pigs – GM pigs don’t get sick
Pain Free Potential – A new way to beat pain?
Profit Pirates – Scientists on questionable payrolls
And Much More!

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