Posted by on January 27, 2018 7:12 am
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How CRISPR–Cas9 Screening will revolutionise your drug development programs

CRISPR–Cas9 mediated genome editing provides a novel and highly efficient way to probe gene function. Using this technology, thousands of genes can be knocked out and their function assessed in a single experiment. This makes CRISPR–Cas9 screening a powerful tool for drug target ID and validation, understanding drug mechanisms of action and patient stratification.

In this webinar, we use our experience with CRISPR–Cas9 to discuss the power and applicability of CRISPR-Cas9 screening technologies. We focus on how to use this technology to address important biological questions, and consider what’s possible, what’s plausible and what constitutes a ‘hit’. We also highlight Horizon’s latest developments to the CRISPR-Cas9 screening platform.

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