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Source: China in CRISPR gene editing dominate the field,a game-changing core technologies

there is no doubt that CRISPR are in today’s field of biological science triggered a seismic shift, this by the American R & D of breakthrough technology by a man named Cas9 special programming of the enzyme on intracellular DNA of a specific portion to be cut and replaced. However, due to various reasons, China today has become a revolutionary gene-editing tools the world leader in…

CRISPR-Cas9 technology with traditional molecular tools to edit genes means different, it relies on a use of Guide RNA molecules which guide the target DNA, called Cas9 enzyme, and then re-edit the DNA sequence or insertion of the desired fragment. This method will be a single cost from the original 5,000 dollars sharply reduced to $ 30, with the astonishingly low cost of sweeping the global laboratory. Scientists hope to use it to modify human genes to eliminate disease and even create the high stress resistance of plant, the eradication of pathogens.

so far, the non-human body experiments show that CRISPR can be used to fight including HIV, cancer and blood diseases, including a variety of diseases. According to the Wall Street Journal on the WSJ reported that from 2015 only China Hangzhou cancer hospital will have at least 86 people have accepted the CRISPR technology. So far, it has been used for the treatment of HIV, B-cell leukemia, kidney cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer and gastric cancer and other stubborn diseases.

at the same time, the invention of this technology the United States so far has not had any human CRISPR experiments. By the MIT Technology Review of the data shows that in fact the United States is being planned in a cancer patient, however, the plan of implementation may be elusive. This is due to the body CRISPR test must obtain official approval, and around the CRISPR for the security of the discussion so far can’t stop…

first of all, on the human body there may be some unpredictable and irreversible long-term effects. According to the WSJ data: in our country the CRISPR test in patients at least 15 people died, and half of them with gene therapy itself are closely related. But more importantly, due to the editing of human genes raises moral and ethical concerns.

the world, including the UK, in many countries the law prohibits human gene editing technology to carry out, for this view to play God transformation(customized)human plague. Even in 2015, a research team in the Nature published an open letter, saying that“serious concerns”due to the editing of human genes and produced ethical and safety implications.

so, many Western countries biased to think that China in the CRISPR technology made impressive achievements is the establishment in violation of ethical morality, lack of regulatory basis. In fact, in the face of the rapid development of technology, those so-called“morality”is more like copy the idea on the shackles, blindly with a stale concept critique of the novel technology, will only allow themselves to be left behind…return to Sohu, view more


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