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This Technology Will Kill All Mosquitoes.|How To Kill All Mosquitoes|[HINDI]

This Technology Will Finish All Mosquitoes.|How To Kill All Mosquitoes|[HINDI] Hi guys ,In this video I am gonna tell you about a technology”This Technology Will Finish All Mosquitoes.|How To Kill All Mosquitoes|[HINDI]”
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“This Technology Will Finish All Mosquitoes.|How To Kill All Mosquitoes|[HINDI]”
This is very interesting video
About the video: Mosquito,the most dangerous organism in the whole world.If Mosquito want he can eradicate all the humans because for major human disease only Mosquito is responsible but if human want he can eradicate all Mosquitoes,in fight between them always Mosquito wins. This is the mosquito which causes Malaria to us. You must have heard the name of zika virus, it is also caused by mosquito. There are more than 3000 species of mosquito found all over the world but only hundred of them bite us. You will be amazed to know that only female mosquito bite, male mosquitoes suck the juice of flowers. So we should kill only those mosquitoes that give us pain. We escape from mosquitoes in home but how to escape those mosquitoes present outside all over the world. Now the big question comes can we kill all the mosquitoes. Yes, we can. A science has been discovered that will eradicate all the mosquitoes present in the world, Which is called as CRISPR. Today science has gone so for that we can change the DNA of any organism and we can drive it by ourselves as we want. That’s why our scientist has prepared some modified mosquitoes, in which the parasite of mosquito cannot birth. But the problem is here is that in the half of the eggs of those mosquitoes we will get Malaria free mosquitoes and in half we will get Malaria causing mosquitoes. But the genetic engineering has gone so far that the solution of it has also been found. This solution is named as gene drive by using it we can change the both genome of the mosquito that will cause to that only Malaria free mosquitoes will birth then we release our mosquitoes in the Jungle and then they will marry with other mosquito and they will prepare a family and that family will be Malaria free. But we have not used this technology because this technology it is so advanced that on using it there may be some natural dangerous take place which we don’t know maybe it happen that Malaria cannot born in mosquitoes but if unfortunately HIV grows in mosquitoes then it will be so dangerous.
Gene drive is so advanced technology should we use it to save the 500000 child dying each year. Describe in comments below.
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