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Source: Angew Chem:breakthrough! Will be moving the nanomotor makes CRISPR-Cas-9 got into the Cancer Center of the nest…

2018 2 November 20 news /bio Valley BIOON /–the cancer research field,“Cas-9–sgRNA”complex is an efficient gene editing tools, but it passes through the cell membrane in contact of the tumor cell genome of the capacity is very low. From the U.S. and Danish scientists have now developed a Can the movement of the nano-motor can effectively transport and release of this gene to the magic cut system. In this article published in the Angewandte Chemie article, the researchers describe in detail their development of ultrasound-driven Nano-motor.

genetic engineering is a promising cancer therapeutic tool in adaptive bacterial immune defense system“CRISPR”found that after experiencing a booming development. Currently used for gene editing of the engineered CRISPR system consists of two components: a single-stranded guide RNA(sgRNA and the Cas-9 nuclease,wherein the sgRNA can guide the Cas-9 nuclease binding specificity of the gene sequence, then the nucleic acid enzyme to exert its gene-editing capabilities. However the delivery of this huge gene-editing system into the cells in the presence of a certain problem. The research communications author Liangfang Zhang and Joseph Wang from the University of California, San Diego(UCSD), they and colleagues have now developed an ultrasound-powered nanowire, can take the initiative to the Cas9–sgRNA complexes transport through the cell membrane into the cell.

gold nanowires can passively pass through the cell membrane, but due to their special asymmetric shape, the ultrasonic can promote their active movement.“ Gold Nano-wire the motor to the asymmetric shape for ultrasonic driving is essential.” The authors emphasize the know. They put the nano-motor with the Cas9–sgRNA complexes through the disulfide bond together. These may be the reduction of the chemical bond in the tumor cells has the advantage that they can be cancer cells within the rich natural reducing substances glutathione interrupted, which prompted the Cas9–sgRNA complex is released into the nucleus to play a role, such as the knockout gene.

as a test experiment, the researchers examined expression of green fluorescent protein in melanoma cells B16F10 in the fluorescence intensity change. He used ultrasound on cells treated for 5 minutes, which can be accelerated by carrying the Cas9–sgRNA complexes of the nano-motor through the cell membrane into the cell. They found the Cas9–sgRNA complexes can be in very low concentration effective to inhibit the fluorescent protein expression.

therefore, the effective use of ultrasound-driven Nano-motor as the active transport and the need for editing tools very low concentrations makes the study attractive. While this system is also very simple, contains only few, easily prepared components, it is also the study of a highlight. (生物谷

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