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Source: scientists found curved bacteria in the CRISPR-Cas9 system or can effectively cut RNA molecules

currently, whether it is a reversal of genetic diseases, or improve food and energy crops by gene editing technology is undergoing a revolution; this gene editing technology is by CRISPR-Cas9 of the drive, the CRISPR-Cas9 is a scientists in the bacterial cells found within a bacterial self-defense mechanism; the CRISPR-Cas9 can recognize and cut from the alien Virus, the genetic material, while protecting the bacteria against viral infections.

Cas9 protein to be able to play as a pair of scissors, the other parts of the system it is possible to guide the Cas9 into DNA portion to be cut, now researchers can use these“scissors”elements combined with manual The Guide to specifically to bacteria, plants and animals in vivo gene modification; we all know Cas9 scissors able to cut DNA, recently, from Germany’s Wuerzburg University and other institutions of the researchers have found through research, foodborne pathogens—Campylobacter jejuni in the Cas9 protein, perhaps it is possible for RNA molecules to be cut, the relevant research published in the International Journal Molecular Cell.

the investigator Cynthia Sharma said, this particular protein is capable of cutting RNA molecules, not only that, we also capable of Cas9 proteins programmed to its target to cut specific RNA molecules. RNA molecules in all forms of life the body plays a key role, and the RNAs of the main character is in the cell to act as a important genetic material of the messenger, the DNA in the genetic information can be transcribed to become the RNA, then the RNA will be used as a template to be translated into protein. Targeting RNA instead of DNA the ability to extend the Cas9 scissors uses, potential uses include control which gene activation or inactivation, against human viruses, rapid detection of the pathogenic factor.

when the researchers observed with Campylobacter Cas9 interactions of the molecules when they found the Cas9 special features, post an in-depth analysis the researchers found that Cas9 is not only able to bind to the RNA, can also be cut, which can be easily carried out the command to cut specific RNA. This article study, researchers from the curved bacteria found in the Cas9 protein, which may be able to help them even more in-depth study of the Cas9 protein in the nature of the properties.

at the same time the researchers also want to study to clarify the Cas9 targeting RNA molecules capacity is in the bending strain plays a special physiological role, such as the evidence will show that the CRISPR-Cas9 system can not only help ward off infection, and perhaps also involved in Campylobacter cells, the gene is turned ON/OFF; later the researchers hope that through more in-depth research to clarify the Cas9 exactly what can be done, but based on this article the results of research to the development of new applications and technologies.< a href="" target="_blank" title="click to enter Sohu home" id="backsohucom">return to Sohu, view more


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