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Source: in the human body application of the CRISPR technology 5 ways

The CRISPR technology is undoubtedly in recent years a hot topic. In animal experiments, it is early confirmation of the transformed gene of the validity of off-target effects also can get a better control. The last 6 months, the NIH subordinates of the recombinant DNA Advisory Committee in the analysis of its safety, effectiveness, and potential ethical issues, unanimously approved the CRISPR-Cas9 technology for human gene editing. With policy support, the next step of the challenge, it is from the technology dimension.

in Wuxi apptec’s“gene editing experts exclusive depth dialogue”series, many experts have referred to“delivery”is gene therapy the key. Recently, the Massachusetts science and Engineering Technology Review for our summary of the 5 species is expected to be in the human body application of CRISPR technology methods, we are also today for you readers to send inventory.

apply Soft Gel

in China, a CRISPR of the human body application test want to resolve HPV infection of the problem. In many cases, this viral infection have no signs, it will disappear. But once it becomes a chronic infection, can cause cervical cancer and other cancers. Currently, it is possible for HPV infection the vaccine is already available, assist in the development of this vaccine, the scientists also won this year’s Lasker clinical medical research award Wuxi apptec related reading: deservedly so! HPV vaccine developer awarded the Lasker clinical medical award. However, for those who have virus-infected patients, there is currently no effective treatment.

from China’s scientists want to develop a soft plastic, containing a encoding the CRISPR gene editing system of DNA. According to plan, this local therapy will allow the HPV virus gene inactivation, but does not affect healthy cells. Currently, this clinical trial is to Recruit HPV infected women patients. They will receive weekly 2 times a soft gel the treatment for a period of 4 weeks. This soft rubber will act directly on the cervix.

can drink CRISPR

globally, antibiotic resistance is a big problem, many scientists are also developing new antimicrobial method in the human antibiotic depletion before, bringing new weapons. From the University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Eligo Bioscience, as well as the Locus Bioscience and other bodies of scientists in the attempt in the probiotic introduction of the CRISPR system. When people these probiotic drink under the belly, probiotics in the CRISPR mechanism will allow the body of harmful bacteria cut its own DNA, so to eliminate these bad bacteria. This innovative therapy is expected to do for a particular patient’s special flora for accurate treatment.

ear injection

Harvard University School of Medicine, Zheng-Yi Chen, Professor, is an auditory Expert, and he knows that the inner ear hair cells is Human to hear the sound of the key. But in some genetic disease, a single gene mutation will cause the cell damage, thus affecting hearing. In experiments with mice, Chen Professor team the use of CRISPR gene editing technology for the Tmc1 gene dominant mutation. Studies show that these after-treated mice hearing has significantly improved. Currently, the researchers plan to in pigs repeat the This test. If all goes well, it is expected to enter human trials stage.

skin grafting

The University of Chicago the University of Chicago, a team is using a skin grafting technique for the treatment of obesity and diabetes. The use of the CRISPR technique, the researchers engineered an insulin secretion promoting genes, and these genes will be inserted into the skin cells. These skin cells in laboratory grown after being transplanted to mice. In the high-fat diet feeding, normal mice weight representation, and the skin grafts of mice body weight to get good control. The study’s principal Xiaoyang Wu Professor believes that this is expected to be, including type 2 diabetes, including a variety of disease treatment.

in vitro therapy

many based on the CRISPR treatment hand��Is the patient’s cells in vitro transformation, re-infusion back into the patient. As a result, we are able to select the We want to the cells and tissues, and precise transformation. In addition, we can also more if I knew the transformation was not successful, and not have to wait for it in the patient’s body to slowly take effect. In many gene therapy clinical trials, we have seen this policy. It is also expected to bring a variety of genetic diseases treatment.

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