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Source: our scientists in the CRISPR research to obtain breakthrough

as life’s basic genetic material, DNA, the precise editing and rapid testing has always been a high priority. In recent years, with the CRISPR/Cas9 system to discover and develop, awareness of gene therapy re-kindled a new hope; although there are some potential security risk, and a certain ethics of the dispute, the CRISPR/Cas9 system for which a relatively accurate and efficient, have begun to be applied to clinical research. At the same time, scientists also started the CRISPR system to introduce nucleic acids rapid detection in the field, it is desirable for the existing clinical diagnostic techniques bring about a breakthrough.

the Cell Research magazine to 3 on 12, online publication of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, molecular plant Sciences excellence and innovation center/Plant Physiology and ecology Research Institute Zhao screen of the Study Group entitled“Cas12a both CIS-and TRANS-stranded DNA cleavage activity”(CRISPR-Cas12a has both cis – and trans-cleavage activities on single-stranded DNA)of the latest research papers. In the present study, the authors in-depth systematic study of the Cas12a for the target single-stranded DNA and non-target single-stranded DNA cutting characteristics, and proposed Cas12a cut single-stranded DNA molecular model.

The study found that, once Cas12a with crRNA and target DNA to form a ternary complex, the complex will exhibit a strong“out-cut”activity, and the system in any single-stranded DNA cut into fragments. Based on this finding, researchers can easily develop a correlation detection kit to detect a variety of target DNA, enabling rapid, sensitive, low-cost, simple clinical diagnostic purposes.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Zhao-screen research group in recent years has focused on synthetic biology enabling technology development and application, developed a number of DNA editing and detection methods, and to actively promote these methods for clinical studies.

it is reported that the study was a CAS pilot Special,“the artificial chromosome construct and stability of genetic technology method”, and CAS youth innovation promotion Association, and the National Natural Science Foundation Committee funding funding.

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