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Source: 【CRISPR knock-out mice] the strains of the upgrade,just 1. 98 million-game industry bio

CRISPR-AI knock-out mice resources of the library to its cost-effective, time-saving and convenient, and other advantages, well received by customers welcome, its inventory of strains by the 3800 series upgrade to the 5300 for example, more selection, more convenience. The new season, the game industry biological collection 200 hot frozen sperm is strain, 1.98 million hearts open to grab!

■ the active time: 2018 3 May 15 May-5 May 31,

■ event object: the National Research terminal client

activities: the order the following 200 hotspot genes CRISPR-AI knock-out mice cryopreservation of sperm of strains, you can enjoythe 1.98 million yuan special deals price.


if your gene of interest is not included in the more than 200 hotspots in the gene, you can click on has 5300 cases now goods inventory CRISPR-AI knockout mouse repository query the desired mouse strain and the demand submitted to us, or dial 4 0 0-6 8 0-8 0 3 8 advice, 也可以发邮件至 it.

product benefits:

cost effective: ultra-5300 example CRISPR-AI knockout mouse resource, covering 90%of the hot spots of the gene, to ensure that customers in the shortest time to obtain more cost-effective experiments with mice.

more protection: CRISPR-AI knock-out mice undergo a rigorous appraisal to ensure that 100%for a positive gene knockout mice.

more time-saving easy: a button to select the desired mouse model, without the cumbersome and time-consuming from abroad or customize the model, more time-saving and easy.

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