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Source: CRISPR patent wars are in full swing,the University of California in Europe again better

2018 年 3 月 26 day/bio Valley BIOON/—the European Patent Office the European Patent Office, EPO, will be a member on CRISPR-Cas9 applications patent EP3241902B1 awarded to Emmanuelle Charpentier, the University of California and the Austrian University of Vienna. Charpentier is CRISPR Co-discoverer, is also the ERS Genomics company co-founder. This patent has a broad scope of the Claim, relates to the use of this gene-editing technology for gene regulation, and for the Cas9 protein of an improved version of the composition and application. This improved version is most commonly used to regulate gene expression, rather than directly editing the genetic code itself. This patent relates to such improvements of the CRISPR/Cas9 technology in cells in the environment and non-cellular environment of use, including in bacteria, plants, animals, and from human and other vertebrate cells in use.< br>

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This is the EPO granted to Charpentier’s second patent, relates to this gene editing technology for gene regulation. The first patent(patent number EP2800811B1, patent application No. EP13793997. 1 is the last 5 months of the formal grant, for CRISPR in prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells and organisms in use. On the other hand, the Harvard-mit Broadbent Institute, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, hereinafter referred to as the Broadbent Institute in Europe luck is poor—in the year 1 month, the EPO to revoke a member belonging to the Research Foundation patent EP2771468B1 this is because the EPO requires that the research confirmed that it is the scientists is for the first time in eukaryotic organisms using CRISPR, but it did not do this.< p>ERS Genomics company CEO Eric Rhodes stated in a press release, this latest patent“solves the CRISPR technology is another important set of is being widely used in new drug R & D and other research applications.”“ This form of CRISPR has a wide range of adaptability, this is because it allows researchers to selectively inhibit or activate the gene of interest, in order to determine their function. It is used to identify genes in diseases the role of the latest tools, which will ultimately lead to new therapeutic applications.”

according to the press release, this type of CRISPR technology the most popular is the use of CRISPR inhibition(inhibitory CRISPR, CRISPR-i and CRISPR activation activating CRISPR, CRISPR-a. These applications relates to what is known as the one-way guide RNA(sgRNA filter process to identify the genes in various cellular processes and diseases in the role.
Charpentier in this press release said,“see that CRISPR are widely deployed to assist in the discovery and understanding of the biology of the many of the New the field is reassuring. Today, the CRISPR field of application of the breadth and the impact of the really exciting.” Biological Valley

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