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Source: Nat Genet: Scientists in the CRISPR gene editing technology with DNA barcode technology in combination with an effective…

2018 4 November 4 hearing /bio ValleyBIOON/ –recently, a study published in the International JournalNature Geneticson the study, the scientists from Stanford University through a research discovered a new method can be modified in mice lungs in a pair of cancer-related genes, and then also be able to accurately track the tumor in each of the cells, this combination of technologies or could significantly accelerate the field of cancer research and drug development; related research can eventually help scientists mimic and outside the lab Researchtumorcells in thegeneticdiversity.

image source: Courtesy of Monte Winslow

human cancer is not only a tumor suppressor mutations, which exist in a variety of mutant combinations, but the problem is that different mutations in the gene is how to interact? Just a few years ago, such as map drawing, the study took the researchers several years of efforts, the researchers bred a variety of different lineages ofgeneticmodification of mice, each of which carry different inactivatedtumorsuppressor gene, in order to explore all the possibilities of combination, the researchers would need hundreds of mice.

by contrast, the researchers Winslow and his colleagues in the months to less than 24 mice for the study, they analyzed the lung cancer field of the genotype of the research situation than in the past previous 15 years of the study. In this study, the researchers will gene-editing technology CRISPR-Cas9 and DNA barcode technology combined with developed a combination of techniques, in order to track the growth of cancer development, these two technologies the perfect combination will be able to help scientists in the lab to replicate the cancer patients body’s observedgeneticdiversity, while also overcome researchers on Cancer complexity research of the fear.

researchers, Winters said, for decades we have been aware of the human body of the tumor is very complex, and different patient body in the same tumor is not the same, but how we for its in-depth research? Now in the above the help of technology we can simultaneously simulate the 30 different cancer typesgeneticmutation; this study in a amazing discovery is that many tumor suppressor genes are the upper and lower interlinked, that is to say, when another gene is present or missing when it only affects cancer growth, thus, researchers will be able to in-depth understanding of key cancer driver genes between how they interact, and why carry the same mutationtumorsometimes progress rapidly, sometimes is not.

this combination of methods for future researchers to conduct cancer drug testing is also very important, at present, many pharmaceutical companies are hoping to at the same time for thousands of tumor mutations to drug testing, cancer observe which mutations of the tumor to the therapy to produce the reaction; and finally the researcher Petrov said, this study can also help��Understand why sometimes targeted therapy and immunotherapy in a patient the effect is very good, why sometimes the effect is very poor; we hypothesized that tumorgeneticuniformity is perhaps partly responsible, the latter researchers also hope to be able to conduct a more in-depth research to improve this new combination of therapies, so that it can more effectively track Thetumorgrowth. (生物谷


Zoë N. Rogers, Christopher D. McFarland, Ian P. Winters, et al. Mthe apping the in vivo fitness landscape of lung adenocarcinoma tumor suppression in mice. The Nature Genetics (2018) doi:10.1038/s41588-018-0083-2

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