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Source: controversial CRISPR mutant research papers be reversed

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last year, Nature Methods published a paper raises the CRISPR research in the field of vibration, the paper said, the gene editing tool CRISPR can be caused by the genome within the a large number of mutations.

The news came, the CRISPR-related biotechnology company’s stock crashed and fell, Editas and Intellia two companies of the scientists, respectively, wrote to the Nature magazine editorial, that this paper’s conclusion is completely wrong, requiring the papers the withdrawal of the draft.

after a lapse of a year, the same Research Group published a follow-up analysis of the papers, turned out to be inverted prior to study conclusion. This result is published on the bioRxiv.

“we have previously published papers considered in the zygote stage of CRISPR-Cas9 editing you might accidentally introduce a large number of tiny and unexpected mutation, which caused a lot of problems,”the authors in their paper wrote,“the new papers conducted a whole-genome level sequencing, the results indicate that in the special case, the CRISPR-Cas9 editing in organisms on the level of precise editing of the genome, not the introduction of a large number of non-intended off-target mutations.”

since last year Nature Methods published since, by the scientific community strongly criticized the“multiple organizations questioned, that the two CRISPR-Cas9 treatment of mice with the whole-genome sequence observed in the single nucleotide change does not come from CRISPR.”

at the time some scientists had through Twitter and other social platforms, pointed out that the thesis of the presence of the gene to identify the error, The experimental animals relatively small number of basic errors, the most serious is that papers will be between animals with normal genetic differences mistaken for the CRISPR editing leads to the result.

Editas pharmaceutical chief scientists, and 11 scientists sent a joint letter alleged that the papers of the experimental data cannot support its conclusions.“ The thesis should be the withdrawal of the draft, at least should be updated to recognize one of the major misleading.”

scientists believe this thesis the main method of one defect is that the author of the CRISPR editing of the mice with the published sequence data for comparison, rather than with the control animals for comparison.

The Australian National University, a geneticist GaétanBurgio noted that these analysis could not“figure out which variation is due to natural genetic variation caused by what mutation with CRISPR-related.”

since then, other groups have also published their views, there are people stating that the thesis author is not the CRISPR-Cas9 experts in the field, nor the whole-genome sequencing and the basis of genetics experts in the field, so the“CRISPR lead to a lot of off-target resistance mutations,”the study concluded the lack of scientific.

earlier this year in bioRxiv published an article Preprint reports indicated that gene editing mice showed no than by the other process appear more mutations.”

(original title: POPs hit the face! Controversial CRISPR mutant research papers be reversed.

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