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Source: scientists to improve gene editing technology CRISPR is expected to accelerate cell genome editing

2018 4 May 11 news /bio Valley BIOON/ –CRISPR as a powerful gene-editing tool, which can help scientists with amazing accuracy of DNA are trimmed, but tracking these changes on gene function are often time-consuming, researchers currently can only be once on an editing analysis, and this process takes several weeks.

recently, a study published in the international journal Nature Genetics on the study, from the University of California, Los Angeles scientists through the CRISPR technology to improve, to achieve a tens of thousands of gene editing of results the purpose of the monitoring, and related research can also improve scientists identify the genetic changes in the ability of these genetics to change the regular meeting of the cell damage and induce the disease.

the investigator Leonid Kruglyak said, for many years scientists have used CRISPR for multiple genes to be cut, at the moment they still lack the CRISPR method to simultaneously of a plurality of gene editing, in our laboratory for the first time developed a large-scale technology, it is possible in a structure similar to human cells to achieve this purpose. Earlier researchers in the bacterial cells carried out in parallel editing, the CRISPR can with a scissors-like protein Cas9 combined with Cas9 as a guide molecule to the CRISPR introduction precise point, once it reaches the destination, Cas9 will start the construction of the DNA such that target gene inactivation, then the researchers will insert the new DNA fragment and the gene sequence to be edited, at the same time also repair the Cas9 caused by the gap.

In order to make the CRISPR correctly for genome editing, each cell need to accept the right of the“wizard”and“patch”combination, and how at the same time the correct pair of transport to thousands of cells is also the scientific community in the face of complex scientific problems; in the article, the researchers developed a new method to physically be thousands of the wizard of the molecule with the partner molecule is connected, so it can be the perfect pairing mode of transport to every cell. In order to detect this method, the researchers Kruglyak and colleagues on a series of presumed detrimental to cells genetic mutations for the study, they in yeast cells in the conducted experiments, the results show that, in yeast for genetic modification of the generated cell change will occur rapidly, and it is easy to be observed.

when the researchers cultured in a liquid medium of the millions of yeast cells after they use the CRISPR technology will be a series of standardized pairing“Wizard”and“patch”molecular transport into each cell, so while in-depth study of approximately 1 million different mutations on cells produced the effect. Four days later the researchers will be able to identify the survival or death of cells; researchers Sadhu said, We are surprised to find that some think that the cell function is very necessary gene is actually not the case, in other genes, only a portion of the protein is very necessary, and the rest of the protein is not necessary.

researchers hope this new technology can help scientists quickly identify the most harmful genetic editing, and finally the researchers Kruglyak said Dr. now we can through a variety of different methods for genome editing, while observing the cells in the resulting positive or negative effect, our ultimate goal is to help scientists find the cause a variety of human diseases of the culprit, in order to promote effectively the scientists developing treatments for Disease therapy and diagnosis means. (生物谷

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