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Source: Goldman Sachs:China leader in CRISPR and CAR-T study test inputs come out on top

The American biopharmaceutical company is not using the genome editing technique CRISPR to clinical trial leader-and perhaps will surprise you by surprise.

but Goldman Sachs in a recent for the field of biotechnology study of the genomic revolution, researchers have in the test CRISPR to edit the human cell aspect one step ahead.


Goldman Sachs analyst Salveen Richter said, When a group of European and American bio pioneer also in the line up for its first human trial, Chinese researchers have been testing CRISPR to edit the human cell aspect of the drawing had a head on top. She added that last year, China National Natural Science Foundation for more than 90 CRISPR project provided funds in the past 4 years, more than 270!!!


reported that, as of 2018 2 the end of the month, in the registered testing CRISPR to edit the cells to treat a variety of cancers, HIV infection, clinical study, China accounted for nine, and the United States, there is only one. This 9 study by China’s top public hospitals initiated/sponsored, it was reported that a total of more than 80 patients undergoing these genes drug treatment.

on the other hand, Goldman Sachs noted that, since no information on these gene editing project provisions, especially taking into account China’s hospitals rush to accelerate its CRISPR work, if China’s main pharmaceutical Management Department measures and“brake”, this situation might soon change.

while in while in the CAR-T therapy, Goldman Sachs believes that China and the United States the gap is not. According to Goldman Sachs survey, the Chinese researchers in the completed CAR-T research in total has been with the United States comparable. As of 2 months, in China the CAR-T trials number of 153 times, the United States is 164 times, Europe as 73 times, the rest of the world for 56 times.


at the forefront of the Chinese Association of biotechnology companies Legend Biotechnology, because it is in the Kymriah(Novartis)and Yescarta(Gilead/Kite two therapy historic approval after entering the global competition, the development of a new therapy, so Johnson also spent 3. 5 billion dollars its reached a cooperation.



Goldman Sachs noted that if China than the global market leader less the speed of sales of these treatments, will stimulate a large number of medical tourism, so as to obtain considerable gains.

these competitors want the competition to get what kind of market value?

this depends on the patient’s flow of supplies.

Goldman Sachs report pointed out, if your new genome drug is expected to cure a disease, or to delay further treatment for a long time, then the patient will come to. Jillian de Gilead in the for hepatitis C made painless treatment therapies, as well as Sovaldi And Harvoni both products, has witnessed this“hot”situation: the cure rate reached 90% or more,in the United States hepatitis C treatment sales from 2013 to 125 billion USD by leaps and bounds to 320 million dollars, but since then has been declining, and sharply atrophy. Goldman Sachs estimated that in the United States, This year these therapies sales less than 40 million.

Geely, Gilead’s therapy reduced the number of patients, and reduces the current to continue to spread the disease carrier of the number, the further narrowing of the market.

report shows,“the disposable fast treatment”is gene therapy, genetic engineering, cell therapy and gene editing of the most appealing aspects. However, for recurring income with with chronic treatment, these treatments provide a very different point of view, especially in the can cure most of the common patients of certain diseases or��At least prevent the extension requires an extra dose.

“although this proposal to the patient and society have great value, but for those looking for continued cash flow gene-drug developers, this can be a challenge.” Gilead is one example, the hepatitis C franchise with the success of the gradual depletion of the available treatment of the patient group.

Richter said, adding that for these new treatments, therapies, biotechnology company there are three possible solutions to make the most money: some disease will be like for hemophilia such a large field, or every year a large number of new patients, such as cancer. Each year suffer from spinal muscular atrophy the number of babies is also very substantial.

The biopharmaceutical executives may try to avoid talking publicly about these conditions of terrible numbers, but they decide how to spend the R & D budget carefully review the just so a number of factors.

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