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Source: Merck in China to obtain the CRISPR technology patent

  • China patent relates to an external DNA sequence integrated into a eukaryotic cell chromosome
  • the company will take the CRISPR-related patent license to the interested party, supports the ethical and legal standards of the genome editing research
  • CRISPR patent has been in, including Canada and Europe, including seven market approved

Darmstadt, Germany 2018 4 June 23 /PRNewswire/ — leading technology companies and genome editing leader Merck(Merck)announced today that the Chinese Patent Office has issued Merck a patent application to the grant notice. Application covers Merck for eukaryotic cells genomic integration method for theCRISPR.

Merck the wall to get another CRISPR technology patent
Merck the wall to get another CRISPR technology patent

The Merck Executive Committee and member of the life science business, Chief Executive Officer Wu Bo-da(Udit Batra):“, including China, we have the basis of the CRISPR technology to obtain the seven important patents. This technology is cancer, hereditary and rare diseases and other incurable diseases of the medical research and treatment has identified an exciting new way. As a genome editing leader, we are actively licensing our Integrated patent for therapeutic uses, basic science research and agricultural biotechnology.”

Merck in the genome editing field with 13 years history, the company has been in the United States, Brazil, India and Japan as its CRISPR implantation submitted to the relevant patent application. The company is also in Australia, Canada, Europe, Israel, Singapore and South Korea obtained similar important patents.

the upcoming Chinese patent relates to chromosomal integration, or cutting eukaryotic cells such as mammalian and plant cells, chromosomal sequences, and the use of CRISPR external or donor DNA sequences implanted in eukaryotic cells. The scientists were able to with the beneficial or useful sequence of alternative disease-associated mutations, this method of developing disease models and gene therapy is very important. In addition, the method can also be used to implant genetically modified, and these transgenes can be in the intracellular markers for Visual tracking of the endogenous protein.

CRISPR genome editing technology in support of live cells chromosomes accurately the transition, advancing development for a variety of disease treatment options. From the identification with cancer and rare diseases-related genes to reverse the blinding of the mutant, and CRISPR applications range far and wide.

as a vigorously carry out genome editing Innovation Company, Merck realized that genome editing have prompted the biological research and medical field has made significant positive progress. At the same time, the gene editing technology’s growing potential also attracted the scientific, legal, and social concerns. As gene editing technology users and providers, the Merck support in careful consideration of ethical and legal standards of the case, the conduct of genome editing research. Merck has been the formation of thebio-ethics Advisory Panel, Merck conducted studies to provide guidance, including genome editing research or use, and to determine a clear businesspositioning, in consideration of the scientific and social issues at the same time, does not interfere with any promising treatment method research and application.

Merck in the genome editing field to make a significant contribution. The company is the first company in the world, genome editing provides���System of bio-molecules TargeTron™ RNA-guided Type II introns and the CompoZr™zinc finger nuclease of the company, driving the global researchers use these techniques. Merck was also the first home made to cover the entire human genome into clusters of CRISPR sequences of the library company, allows scientists to explore more about the disease the root causes of the problem, thereby speeding up cure of the disease process.

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