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Source: advancing CRISPR intelligent cell therapy new Refuge by Chinese investors favor

Today, committed to the use of genetic engineering technology to develop smart cell-therapy company Refuge Biotechnologies announced the completion of 2500 million US dollars B round of investment. The round of financing by the sansei pharmaceutical(3SBio and Sequoia capital China, Sequoia China investment LED, also includes a new investor danhua capital, the immortal pupil capital, sea pine medical Fund, and existing investors Medica capital, Yu-bearing capital and ShangBay Capital. In addition, the company also appointed immuno-Oncology pioneer and one of Francesco Marincola, Dr. Chief Scientific officer.

The Refuge is a focus on immune cell gene editing and genetic engineering of tumor immune treatment of early R & D medical company.< strong>the Refuge through its receptor-dCas platform use is called CRISPR interference CRISPRi and CRISPR activation CRISPRa of genetic engineering technology, to research and development in the body of the patient to spontaneously make anti-cancer decision-making of programmed to control the treatment of cellsit. Its leading productRB-1916is a tool in the design of the PD-1 gene expression is suppressed in the CAR-T cell therapy, it is possible to preliminary application in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treatment. Refuge company also in the study of other CAR cell therapy, you can conditionally suppress PD-1 and other checkpoint inhibitors, which treatment for solid tumors.

the raised funds will be used to promote the use of receptor-dCas-platform development of cell therapy R & D, the platform is the use of mutation or death of the Cas9(dCas as a targeting mechanism, to start a precision CRISPRa and CRISPRi it. Is after the transformation of the cell therapy only when they encounter the surface of cancer cells-specific sensor will only be activated CRISPRa/CRISPRi, making it only the target cells to provide a therapeutic effect. Therefore, cell therapy is likely to be a variety of anti-cancer method of binding in single cells, with higher potency and fewer side effects inhibition of multiple checkpoint target.

As part of the investment, the main investor will be entitled to and Refuge use Refuge in China, the platform for cell therapy development and promotion of negotiations. At the same time, the Refuge and three pharmaceuticals will also be cooperation in the research and development program of cellular therapy, the use of the Refuge platform technology in the patient’s body to produce therapeutic proteins.

▲Refuge Biotechnologies company’s R & D pipeline(photo source: Refuge Biotechnologies official website

“Our technology development has made significant progress, I believe our receptor-dCas platform has the potential to create a remarkable effect, at the same time to overcome the toxicity limitations of highly-targeted cell therapy,”Refuge co-founder and CEO of Bing C. Wang, Dr. said:“as we continue to develop these fight against cancer innovation and smart cell-therapy, this financing will be for our growing line boost. We also obtained because many of the world’s top investors support and much encouragement.”

“Sansei pharmaceutical investment proof, we are committed to advancing cutting-edge genetic engineering techniques, for cancer and medical needs are not being met by other diseases to deliver breakthrough therapies,”sansei pharmaceutical Chairman and CEO Jing Lou Dr. said:“sansei pharmaceutical fully accredited dCas9 platform of potential, and look forward to working with the Refuge cooperation to accelerate the Refuge for cancer the next generation of cell therapy clinical development.”


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Original title:advancing the CRISPR intelligent cell therapy, the cutting-edge by Chinese investors favor

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