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CRISPR exactly is a what technology? – Know almost


CRISPR(the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic installed or support is bacterial in vivo of a series of DNA sequences, the CRISPR system also includes a series of functionally related proteins.

CRISPR in bacteria in vivo is originally from the adaptive immune function of a bit like the human acquired immune to. Bacteria is also is too infectious disease I thought. Bacteria is a viral infection, of course, also not without a fight. Viral infection of bacteria, the bacteria is inside the cell some more than their DNA sequence, these sequences may Express some of the bacteria itself is harmful to the protein, so the bacteria just put these alien DNA to destroy it.< br>CRISPR is such a very clever system. It first put a foreign DNA fragment integrated into the bacterial own genome, and then transcription of the RNA, after some clipping, the use of these RNA with the DNA endonuclease activity of Cas protein to boot directly to the exogenous sequence of position, then, the exogenous DNA can be cut. For bacteria, on the completion of the foreign pathogens quickly and accurately hit. These integrate into the genome sequence can also be transmitted to the progeny bacteria if the person’s immunization may be so genetic, you don’t have each of the children to vaccination, and so CRISPR is now also being used as a microbial classification a basis.

as for the recent very fire of the CRISPR technology is actually the use of the CRISPR system of RNA-guided Cas proteins to cut the target DNA in this step. If destruction is their genes, not that reached the knockout effect of the thing.

of course the CRISPR of the meme is mainly because this technology is easy to use, on the one hand is the province time, on the one hand is a high accuracy. Save time because you want to reach the knockout object, simply put the two sections of sequence into a cell and you’re done. A sequence is a Cas9 protein gene, it is possible to cut double-stranded DNA, even the DNA with methylation also still cut. Another segment for transcription of a RNA, the front part of the target gene pair, and the rear half is used with protein binding, this put the Cas9 pull over, cut the target gene. Cut off after, for eukaryotic cells, a variety of repair means, and the result is usually a gene in the middle is the insertion or deletion of a few bases, so that the entire gene coding is all messed up, the gene will not have the original function, that is, complete gene knockout. As for Accuracy, Well, the 20 bases to the length of the positioning of a gene is generally no problem, also can only sigh Cas9 this protein is amazing too.< br>there are more magical, if the Cas9 protein DNA endonuclease activity to exterminate, and then give it together with the other catalytically active, it can have other functions. Currently, inhibit and promote gene expression can be done.

huh? Questions there meaning?< br>stay forced science students most not freehand righteousness or something like that.< br>personally feel that CRISPR is first and foremost a very good system, on the basis of study for the researchers to save a lot of time, improve production efficiency, but also saves the research funding. That is taxpayers ‘ money!< br>Also, CRISPR provides an application surface is very broad technology platform, a variety of gene action and regulation are available through the CRISPR system optimization to achieve, the application prospects good. At least now it seems to be very good. Now scientific research is also not a small market, and the CRISPR is likely to is about to change the market landscape of the technologies. Research on the with a well, will naturally be used to industry and agriculture.< br>As for clinical application, sure is a long way to go anyway. In favour of the@Zhou Ziliang views.

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