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International Conference on Gene Editing and CRISPR…


distance meeting time and  7 days

the Template for Manuscripts

important dates

Meeting date:

2020 6 May 19,

Full text submission deadline:

2020 Years 6 Months 29 days

Abstract submission deadline:

2020 Years 6 Months 29 days

Only registration deadline:

2020 6 May 19,

the due to the current domestic and even the world of the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic is not yet over, the world still maintain a very strict ban on the rally, not necessarily, not immigration, must 14-day isolation policy. At the same time also to everyone’s body and life security, the positive response to the National“Do not go out, not party,”blocking and isolation of transmission of the call, we will cancel the 2020 gene editing with the CRISPR technology international seminar(GECT 2020), I’m sorry for your inconvenience. 2021 the meeting will be held on 5 March 29-30, in Guilin, China, held, and look forward to working with you in the beautiful Guilin encounter.

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