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CRISPR can detect the new crown right? Banch to bedside,CRISPR also want to go far

CRISPR technology was born, destined to set off the field of Life Sciences of the reign of terror. span>

most of the people will gaze focusing CRISPR, should be from 6 years ago, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Jennifer Doudna and Zhang Feng, the patent battle. Just like AI in a computer, the CRISPR this meat and potatoes may subvert the entire field of life science, become a Nobel guest, with CRISPR can be described as sitting on the Iron Throne. It’s not difficult to explain, this patent battle and why so worth seeing.

patent war has ended, but related to the CRISPR discussion never stops. So the potential of the technology, whether it can be applied to clinical practice, whether towards human beings daily life, it is all the field of life Sciences scholars kept on thinking about the problem.

in the he built Kui used CRISPR to edit the human embryo before, there have been researchers attempting to use CRISPR to treat human disease. This is one of the most easy to think of the application direction. But the CRISPR system from the laboratory to the clinical is not an easy thing.

CRISPR applied to reality mainly has the following dilemma:

1, control the extent of how manytraditionally, the assessment of the CRISPR system OK to use, the most critical is to see whether he is the presence of off-target effects. Many scholars have made a lot of efforts, currently has Development Out lot to solve off-target effects, however, in addition to off-target effects off-target is outside, in the target on-target)may also have unexpected adverse effects.< span class="bjh-br">

there are already many laboratories found that, in the cutting of the chromosome target loci present in the vicinity of a large fragment of the gene rearrangement, the loss of even chromosome overall loss situation, especially in the embryo, this situation is very serious. We have to focus on DNA repair, the Magic cut the CRISPR DNA repair is an inseparable partner, however people on the DNA repair knowledge but not much, which is bound to the CRISPR technology is more accurate and more rapid development drag the hind legs.

BishalKhatiwada, the Things You Should Know About the CRISPR Gene-Editing Tool, Genetics

2, imported issues

most of the human diseases are gene diseases. If the gene on the adverse mutations to be corrected, the disorder can almost get the cure. Directly from the fetus edit, too slow, and relates to the very complex ethical problem. We want to just improve the diseased parts of the cell’s genome will be able to do precise targeted therapy. For like blood, this fluid, we directly change the blood seems to be better achieved. Before the CAR-T therapy in the treatment of leukemia, after the CRISPR therapy for the treatment of sickle cell anemia. Lovell-Badge trying to use CRISPR inhibition of BCL11A gene, the transformed blood cells re-injected into the body, after the processing of bone marrow in this case by the normal blood cells to occupy and produce normal red blood cells, thus to achieve therapeutic purposes[1]. span>

for solid tissue, directly“shake”the way it is a bit inappropriate. Editas Medicine companies, and other laboratories initiated BRILLIANCE trial, by direct injection of CRISPR system to treat the eye disease LCA10 it. This is the first human directly by viral vectors the CRISPR system is injected into the body. Early experimental results indicated that in vivo in mice is feasible, clinical trials are started, if the process goes well, the result will be a human from the Real towards the sci-Fi milestone 2]. span>

3, the immune rejection problem

since people may very early have been in contact with the CRISPR system in the bacteria, for such systems there may be an immune rejection role, it will not only result in a therapeutic effect greatly reduced, but also lead to serious autoimmune disease. In addition to the Find will not be the attack of the cas9 protein or cas9 protein can be modified, anti-CRISPR system also played for the CRISPR system for insurance purposes. anti-CRISPR system to the presence of CRISPR as a tool can be more accurate is people control, reduce immune rejection of the possibility.

although it seems these problems have found a solution, but if effective, the theoretical possibility with reality needs further exploration. In addition to gene therapy outside, CRISPR function shouldn’t be so limited. New Crown pneumonia outbreak, the CRISPR again shows its charm. From the University of California Charles Chiu team in Nature Biotechnology published papers published their latest research results[3], the use of CRISPR precision positioning capability to do new Crown virus detection. This method is accurate rate reached 95%, greatly reduce costs, save space, simplify the process. Conventional PCR detection method requires large amounts of reagent in the reagent shortage situation, do not rely on large instruments and easy low-CRISPR detection methods currently can be used as a powerful alternative scheme applied to the practical. In addition, the CRISPR method can also be applied to other epidemic detection.

CRISPR like a potential infinite boy and. Whether humans can tame it, you may also need a long period of time of the break-in process.

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