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the researchers found a huge phage CRISPR enzyme expanded the genome editing Toolbox

2020-07-17 10:42:48

Patrick Pausch, Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues, a new study shows that only in huge phage found in a newly discovered ultra-compact CRISPR enzyme having a function of, the research in CRISPR genome-editing Toolbox provides a powerful new tool, including because with the Cas9 and Cas12 compared, it can be targeted to a wider range of genetic sequences.

the authors tested its use in human and plant cells in the target expansion capability. Given their small size, they also imply that, relative to other CRISPR-Cas proteins, CasΦ for Cell Delivery offers a new advantage. Although commonly referred to as genetic engineering tool, CRISPR-Cas system for many single-celled organisms against viruses and plasmids of adaptive immunity. The host of the CRISPR RNA(crRNA)can recognize a previously encountered virus in the DNA, and directly with the CRISPR-associated or Cas enzymes destroy the virus. Although CRISPR-Cas systems almost exclusively present in bacteria and archaea the genome and in which the running, but recently also in huge phage-bacteria and viruses found in them.

however, these systems are different. They significantly lack in other CRISPR-Cas system in the common Cas protein, but only a genetically unique and abnormal tiny CasΦ enzyme. Here, Pausch, the Doudna and colleagues have described a phage-derived CRISPR-CasΦ the functionality of the system, and demonstrates its extension CRISPR genome editing Toolbox potential. Pausch et al, although its size is almost commonly used for genome editing by Cas9 and Cas12 system of the half.

the results showed that biochemical unique CasΦ with full functions, and can only use one active site to produce the Mature crRNA and the cleavage of exogenous DNA, making it so far found the most compact of the CRISPR-Cas system. In addition, the authors demonstrated CasΦ in human and plant genome editing successfully using the ability.

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