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scientists use CRISPR technology makes cattle more likely to produce male offspring

according to foreign media New Atlas reports,2020, 4 months, UC Davis a team of scientists through gene editing, so that a named Cosmo calves are more likely to produce male offspring.the research team used CRISPR gene editing tools have been adjusted, in this case, the insertion of an SRY gene. This gene can initiate male development, so that the animal’s own offspring are more likely to be male.

ideal case, the SRY gene will be inserted into the X chromosome-and as a result, the Cosmo will produce 100%male offspring. But the team cannot do this, so they chose to chromosome 17 instead. As a result, some of the normal situation will be a female chromosome is converted to the male, the result approximately 75% of the males. As an added bonus, chromosome 17 is a safe Harbor position, so the insertion will not damage the adjacent genes.

“we expect that the Cosmo is the offspring if inheritance of the SRY gene, regardless of whether they inherit the Y chromosome will be male,”the study authors Alison Van Eenennaam said.

then why do the researchers want to prioritize the Bulls now? Apparently this is the beef industry the numbers game–the Bulls will feed into body weight efficiency of up to 15 per cent. In the final analysis is per head of cattle at a lower cost to get more meat. This also has some environmental benefits, because the production of the same amount of beef requires fewer cattle.

of course, the whole thing Effect How, also have to wait a while to know. Cosmo in a year also does not reach sexual maturity. And because the FDA for the CRISPR editing food has strict rules, and Cosmo and its progeny will not enter the food supply. It is more of in order to test this gene editing can get it.

currently, CRISPR in the past has been used to edit a variety of animals for various purposes. Scientists have pigs designed to be resistant to swine flu or body fat lower Pig, The Lizard is designed to albinism, the mosquito is designed to not spread the disease to mosquitoes, or mice to do experiments to find a cure for the disease of the new method.

this study was conducted at the American Society of Animal Science meeting published.

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