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focus on CRISPR diagnostic techniques,Tolo creatures won tens of millions of dollars financing

investment community 8 November 4 message, according to the Arterial Network reported, Nanjing Tolo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“Tolo Harbour biological”announced, the company has successfully completed millions of dollars of financing. This round of financing by the UW win-win exclusive investments, while subsidiary Wuxi Tolo company received in Wuxi city and Huishan district government, Wuxi Huishan life science and technology industry Park, industry funds and policy support.

it is reported, this round of financing will be mainly used for CompanyCRISPRdiagnosis of the underlying methodology patent HOLMES techniques of in vitro diagnostic product development and registration, to establish compliance with the GMP standard in vitro diagnostic products production workshop, as well as the HOLMES technology global patent layout.

it is understood that the Tolo biology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, synthetic biology, Key Laboratory of top academic teams and from the molecular diagnostics industry veteran of the industry who founded the company in 2017, developed based onCRISPR/Cas12 system of innovation in nucleic acid detection technology, and will be named“HOLMES”, compared to the traditional thermostatic detection, qPCR, NGS molecular diagnostic techniques, HOLMES nucleic acid fast detection technique with high sensitivity, high specificity, fast and other advantages, is also the United States Science Magazine hailed as“the next generation of molecular diagnostic techniques”, and in pathogen detection, disease screening, precision medicine and other fields has great application potential.

Hua big win-win for the project of the investment Manager, song Lu Ting said:“Tolo biological as China’s only, the world only three haveCRISPRdiagnosis of the underlying methodology of the patent of the company, by Zhao screen academician and King Dr. King led the innovation and technology team of the joint IVD industry experienced industry operator who founded, we believe that the team can quickly advancing this platform technology continued innovation and commercial applications, for example, in order to help science fight disease, the company this year in 2 months has been a joint UW wisdom, etc. developed within 1 hour of the new Crown virus nucleic acid detection report‘fully enclosed benchtop novel coronavirus fast detector’, while the cooperation Sherlock Biosciences developed the first based on theCRISPRtechnology the new Crown virus detection products are also in the Year 5 in early May by the US FDA emergency use authorization.”

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