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with CRISPR diagnosis of the underlying methodology of an exclusive patent, Tolo creatures won million strategic financing

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< span class="bjh-p">commercial road Venture Network8month4day official was informed that themolecular diagnostic Tolo bio today announced the completion of tens of millions of dollars a strategic Finance, investment is the UW win-win situation. The present round of investment is mainly to develop with the registration the HOLMES technique of in vitro diagnostic products, to establish compliance with the GMP standard production workshop, the layout of the HOLMES technology global patent use.

1 hour within the new Crown virus nucleic acid detection report

Tolo bio is specialized in providing molecular diagnostic solutions for the biotech company. The research team is composed of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academic Staff and industry veterans composed. Tolo organisms found efficient TRANS-cleavage activity of the CRISPR-Cas12 protein, and independent research and development of the“Sherlock/HOLMES”nucleic acids rapid detection platform technology.

the technology to break the traditional conventional qPCR molecular diagnostic technology barriers, the establishment of a high sensitivity, high specificity, rapid and low-cost core competitiveness; also let Tolo creatures not only in China to get the exclusive patent, in the international arena, is also the United States Science Magazine hailed as“the next generation of molecular diagnostic technology.”

2020 at the beginning of the anti-Phytophthora tough times, in order to shorten nucleic acid detection times, Tolo biological conjunction with the UW smart virus fast inspection automatic analyzer introduced reagents. The products such that the sample extraction, detection and determination of the whole automated follow-up, more is in 1 hours you will get the test report, it makes health care significantly improves clinical instant diagnostic efficiency.< span class="bjh-strong">

Tolo Harbour biological next plan?

Tolo Harbour biological King Mr. King said that the current“Sherlock/HOLMES”nucleic acids rapid detection platform technology has become increasingly Mature. Next, Tolo creatures will significantly expand the application of the technology market. Their main forays into the field include clinical infection detection, POCT, food security and family testing, and other aspects. At the same time, Tolo creatures will also be paired with in-vitro diagnostic technology, push HOLMES molecular diagnostics of industrial processes.

investors in this round of investment the reason is what?

Hua big win-win for the project of the investment Manager, song Lu Ting noted that the Tolo Harbour biological and UW wisdom made the joint development of the“fully enclosed benchtop novel coronavirus fast detector”booster of the year of the anti-epidemic fight, the bio-tech industry add bricks and tiles. They believe that the company’s research team will continue to innovate to upgrade the core platform technology, to improve the commercial application.

business venture network the financing of the event for any evaluation?

Commercial Road Venture Network founder Wang Shuai perspective: Tolo bio of HOLMES nucleic acid fast detection technology, breaking the traditional thermostatic detection technology, so that molecular diagnostic technologies is more rapid and sensitive. As China’s only home to get CRISPR to diagnose the underlying methodology of an exclusive patent of the company, Tolo biological future development of the industry promising.

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