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Anhui Wanjia hotline:secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical flood relief in action

In recent days, Anhui to continued strong rainfall, parts of the townships farmland and houses were flooded, people’s life and property safety suffered serious damage.

With the Huaihe River upstream of the continuous strong rain, the 7 of October 20, the Huaihe River water level rapidly rising,“a thousand miles Huaihe River First Gate”of the Royal dam water level super alert, according to the National Defense General Command, the Royal dam gate open gate reservoir flooding, to enable the efficient depression storage flood area, the flood billowing rushes to the efficient Depression of the four towns, and constantly devouring millions of Funan County people’s homes. Huainan Shou is also affected by heavy rainfall and an upstream flood impacts, the ancient city surrounded by water, the surrounding towns are varying degrees affected.

Is the so-called“a difficult one, P Plus support”, the flood occurred later, the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical heart has always been the people’s life and property safety and health, to their own practical action to actively assist flood disaster relief.

Flood ruthless secondary view with love

Faced with floods, the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical Anhui branch General Manager Zhang 愬 hearing the news, immediately asked to call Fuyang area affected situation, to remind regional personnel to strengthen security awareness. 7 month 27, the organization of the industrial Union to the affected area of the grant administration, disbursement of summer heat and epidemic prevention supplies, and the joint County seat of important customers served with the disaster, the representation of the people of disaster areas condolences and thanks. The secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical Co local AI People Big pharmacy to Funan County Gao Taiwan Township a total donation of patchouli righteousness pills 600 cartridge, suction of paper and 20 pieces.

Donation site, party members and cadres and the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical employees together with the unloading, handling, stacking neat, busy in full swing.

In addition, the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical by Huainan Red Cross will contact the Learn to first-line medicines supplies scarce. 7 month 30 days afternoon, the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. joint Shou heart to heart volunteer associations, Shou-Hua Jen Hall large pharmacy chain Co to Zhengyang town of Huai to mention the flood line donation.

Secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical to first-line donation patchouli righteousness pills 6, qingrejiedu Oral Liquid 2 pieces, suction of paper 5 pieces, Laundry liquid 5, barrel surface 12 pieces total of 30 pieces of drug supplies. While the donation of qingrejiedu oral liquid, allowing Shou to the affected people free to use.

For a secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical gift of love supplies, we represent thank you very much, this donation is further supported by the place to do Flood Control and flood relief work, but also make everyone more determined to defeat the flood of faith.“ Flood frontline staff for us to keep their homes, as a business, make a modest force is our social responsibility.” Secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical want to use this way to support flood fighting efforts.

The following occurs since the social from all walks of life to work together, United, solid promote the Flood Control and relief measures put in place. As a Responsible Enterprise, zhongjing WAN West Pharmaceutical is watching the following first-line situation, and actively respond to the government call, in the multiple prepared under the flood prevention goods charity donation activities for front-line staff and affected people with their own strength.

August is coming, and SEC view WAN West Pharmaceutical will continue to go to Anhui the disaster area, condolences to thank the disaster area the masses and front-line rescue flood fighters are. Charity flood, SEC view WAN West Pharmaceutical has been in action!

Secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical public road has been the front row

Over the years, zhongjing WAN West Pharmaceutical has been to practical action for the community to dedicate themselves to a force, to assume corporate social responsibility.

The new crown during the epidemic, due Wuhan many pharmacies detoxification class medicines shortages, the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical coordination logistics the night of 30 pieces of qingrejiedu oral liquid sent to the Wuhan, in the days of the economic pharmacy, Wuhan city, the inner door shop distributed free of charge;to the Henan province Red Cross donated 200 million in cash, the value of 307. 2 million yuan of patchouli upright, wind through San particles and other preventive medicines;to the South the male, the Las Vegas prevention and control of epidemic front-line police officers, staff a donation worth 100���Million yuan of qingrejiedu oral liquid, silver yellow particles, masks and other preventive medicines and supplies;to the South the male Central Hospital, the city built the hospital, the City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, South stone hospital, sixth hospital giving formula particles for medical dialectical epidemic prevention use. It is worth mentioning that during the epidemic, the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical donation amount Super million yuan.

Secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical, in addition to increased production, and actively donated money, but also with rain doctors co-hosted online free clinic services to patients, the implementation of“the treatment of pass forward”, relying on technological means, the promotion of Chinese medicine advocating“not Disease Prevention”“both diseases anti-change”philosophy.

Heritage secondary view the spirit of dedication of love power

Secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical firmly believe that herbs determine efficacy,“herbs are good, drugs was good.” Always do not forget the“old fathers”of Medicine Yan heart, they ensure that the raw material quality on the basis of relentless innovation.

Flood ruthless, the world has love. Secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical again and again with practical action interpretation of the corporate responsibility and play, from the anti-immune to the flood, every disaster, it quickly passed with positive energy. The flood beneath, Anhui severely affected, the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical first time lend a helping hand, not only shouldering corporate social responsibility, to play a business role models, more is derived from the Anhui cherish, pay attention to feelings–Anhui is a secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical two herbs planting base of the settled, but also is a secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical part, all the time not worried about the secondary view WAN West Pharmaceutical heart.

In the future, zhongjing WAN West Pharmaceutical will also continue to adhere to the public welfare beginning of the heart, with a grateful heart to give back and help more in need of Help Groups, public forces to ignite the warm, pass large love.

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