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scientists in the development of early use of CRISPR knock-out gene information

2020-08-10 16:50:54

since the discovery of the since, scientists have been using the award-winning genome editing tool CRISPR to change the model of the biological DNA, and reveal thousands of gene function. Now, Kansas City, Missouri Stowers Institute for Medical Research researchers, and Seville, Spain Pablo de Olavide University of Andalusia development Biology Center researchers has been the use of the technology to the targeting involved in early vertebrate development genetic information(messenger RNA). it.

by destroying the genetic information(RNA)instead of the underlying gene(DNA), researchers can study before may be difficult or impossible to manipulate genes, because they are for life critical or involved in the biological development of the key stage. This method can also be targeted to the maternal contribution of the gene to RNA, these RNA deposited in the egg to start the earliest genetic program.

this study in 2020 8 May 7, published online in the Developmental Cell journal, the study established a CRISPR-Cas technology to a specific and systematic way of targeting the embryo in animal models of RNA use. Research results show that the technique can be applied to a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial models, including zebrafish, and kill fish and mice.

“the study of the exciting things not only we found out what, and what we can do,”Stowers Institute assistant researcher, the study, co-head of Ariel Bazzini Dr. said.“ We still don’t understand the gene is how to get started into the development of the earliest stage. Now we can by targeting their RNA information to one by one to find out.”

Bazzini, said:“We have this technology, low-cost feel very excited.”“ Any treatment of zebrafish or other animal embryos in the laboratory can use this method. Indeed, we have the reagents and the experimental program distributed to all over the world more lab.”

in egg development prior to egg must be the first to reach the sperm. Generated embryos carrying half of the mothers genes and half the father’s genes. In addition to its genome outside, the embryo also has by the mothers of RNA and protein and other ingredients.

buzzy said:“the maternal contribution is many of us are trying to solve a mystery.” However, trying to be the zebrafish in the target RNA to the system the attempt was successful, and the zebrafish is many of the developmental biology Home selected model organisms. Aptly named the RNA interference method has been gene function studies of the main means, not for the zebrafish, other fish or frogs. Using the genetic code the synthesis of the Strip(referred to as morpholino, or antisense oligonucleotide)of the other method sometimes with toxicity and off-target effects related.

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