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the Western media:scientists are trying to be“genetic scissors”for the fight against the new Crown virus _ the message…

reference News Network8 month 11 reported the Spanish daily news website, 8 May 6, entitled the gene editing tool can also be used in the fight against the new Crown virus of articles, compiled as follows:

the gene editing tool CRISPR(regular clusters spaced Short Palindromic Repeat system has forever changed our biological, biomedical and biotechnology experiments way. These tools are derived from the bacteria used to protect against the virus against the defense system, and this strategy is Alicante, Spain University microbiologist Francis Moshi card 2003 found. After 10 years, they have been proved to be edit any of the Bio-Genes a powerful tool in all over the world are starting to get applications. Therefore, they are often referred to as“gene scissors”to.

CRISPR degree of flexibility is unmatched, and its scope is virtually unlimited, is can be used with any biological or viral genetic material to interact with the tool. 3 in early May, we learned that MIT Broadbent Institute researcher Zhang Feng, a proposal that is use is called“Cas13a”CRISPR variants as diagnostic of the new crown of the virus present in the system.

we can also use CRISPR to fight the new Crown virus? This is our research team is to answer the question. Between us never worked, but we and many other peers, as in try to try to use everyone’s knowledge, proposed possible solutions to this human of years suffered the biggest health crisis of new ideas.

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